Experience Jedi Kush, a potent strain that emerges from the powerful parent genetics of Death Star and SFV OG Kush. Encounter the robust, piney notes and the unmistakable undertones of citrus, creating an experience that mirrors the herbal wisdom of the Jedi. Let Jedi Kush guide you through a flavor journey that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to embrace the force within each exhale.


The Pinnacle of Vaping Design: Our 3.5-gram disposable sets a new standard in vaping convenience and style. Each device features a sleek, modern design, ensuring discretion and ease of use. The button-activated functionality along with its integrated pre-heat options, delivers extreme versatility and offers users complete control of their smoking experience.

This feature gently warms up the extract, preparing it for optimized temperatures. Users can select from multiple heat settings, each tailored to influence the result of their vaping session. Lower heat settings emphasize the preservation of delicate terpenes, providing a smoother and more flavor-focused hit. On the other hand, higher heat settings maximize vapor production, delivering a more robust and potent effect. This level of control ensures that our disposables are perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and those new to the world of hemp, offering a truly customizable vaping journey.

Pure Potency Unleashed: The Hemp Melted Diamonds in our disposables represent the epitome of cannabinoid and terpene concentration. These crystalline structures, akin to the formation of actual diamonds, are created through a meticulous process of high-temperature and high-pressure conditions to form these potent gems.

The results are a powerhouse of potency, offering a robust and full-bodied effect. The purity of this extract ensures that each puff delivers a therapeutic and deeply satisfying experience, making every session memorable.


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